Wie der Mensch seine Welt neu erschaffen hat (German Edition)

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Then the woman said, "I am going now. But let that be enough for you. Written in the heart of Germany, , in January of that year. The Ocean of Opinions. It is a thing to be sought within, for it cannot be discerned with the outward-looking eyes. This engraving belongs to page 20 of the original text. Virgil, Eclogues 7. Prick up your ears. May all things be happy and fortunate. I cannot find words to adequately express the great amazement but also the sincere joy with which I first read the Fama and then, more recently, the Confessio by the most spiritual Brothers-in- God of the Rosy Cross.

I must confess Confessio p. No doubt similar thoughts have occurred to other readers, for in these books the future reformation of all the arts and affairs of the world is often mentioned. The Confessio in particular expressly states Confessio pp. This inspired in me some profound thoughts, namely that our pitiful condition caused by the Fall of our First Parents might be brought to an end; that all the darkness and lies might be dispelled; and that we might all be brought back again into the Light and to righteousness.

Some years ago I read with wonderment what the highly-illuminated Aureolus Theophrastus Paracelsus wrote in his Apocalypsi Vol. Others have called it the best and highest secret that might be sought under heaven, a source of all delight that brings health, happiness, peace and love; which drives away all hate, hostility and sorrow; which brings joy; which dispels all evil; which cures all diseases; which eradicates poverty; which ends all misery; which ushers in all good things; which makes one see evil as being against all reason; and which gives man what he covets in his heart, namely a long, devout and honourable mortal life.

Those who misuse it are brought eternal punishment but those who possess it need no other help because they have something that contains all felicity, bodily health and earthly happiness.

Christliches Lied - Die Menschheit ist noch immer dieselbe, die Gott erschaffen hat

However, to conceal it from the foolish the Philosophers shrouded this precious treasure, from which Adam and the other Patriarchs derived their longevity, in strange and obscure words and flowery rhetoric Confessio p. Very few people in this world therefore know about it, for if such secrets were made public and if godless deeds resulted, then — as Theophrastus says — we would have to answer for them as their first cause, and would be severely punished by God for placing holy things before dogs and casting pearls before swine, even though this secret can be found in everything, at every place and at any time, and contains within itself the strength and force of all creatures.

Truly, attaining it is better than all the gold and silver in the world, and what man covets in the temporal world cannot be compared with it in the slightest, which is why Paracelsus Apocalypsi, p. I have therefore finally taken it upon myself to respond to this warm-hearted invitation now that you have made it more widely known in print, and have decided to humbly approach the godly virgins of the Rosy Cross with these meagre and simple-minded writings of mine. If it is in accordance with the will of the Almighty and the godly Brotherhood to discuss and converse with me — simple fellow though I am — at some place, wherever that might be, then will you, my all-spiritual men, allow me to experience the pleasure of sharing a small spark of your wisdom?

If I could experience this then I would certainly consider myself fortunate and would want or desire nothing better in this world. Regarding my age and social status, I am still in the first flush of youth. The Book M.

Moscheen in Iran: Student inszeniert Gebetshäuser neu

Fama p. For spiritual is he Fama p. I have not striven much after money and possessions nor paid much attention to the everyday needs of my life for they do not help with one's spirituality, but I have been content with just a few things, for it is better to acquire wisdom than gold and to have wisdom rather than silver, as Solomon says Proverbs In sum, I leave the world to its foolish pleasures.

Should this ardent request of mine find its way to your most laudable Brotherhood then I hope you will condescend to entertain my friendship and if not actually accept me as a member then at least with great good-heartedness allow me to share in its activities on condition of the utmost secrecy. While sincerely counselling divine protection for all of us it is with great eagerness and anticipation that I await your pleasure as well as your kind answer at whatever place it might please God or your good selves to deliver it, Written in Central Germany on the 1st day of June in the year Your most obedient servant, S.

Understanding your cause kindled within me a lively hope of personal freedom. I was just sixteen when my parents first urged me to go abroad and study the published doctrines of the Platonic Academy. The road led me to a pleasant hall among the Groves of Academe. As I set out my father gave me some parting advice, namely always to try and excel, to constantly read the Bible yes, the Bible!

To begin with I prayed to Lajovah to lead me into the path of His Wisdom. He seems to have done this very effectively from my fifteenth year, as I was then reassured by the harmony of the Bible and excited by the hope engendered in me by His works of nature.

For it is true that the various malicious plots against me and my wretched struggle against them have never been able to break down the firm resolve and vitality of my youth to the extent that I might be forced to admit — to those maddened by your delaying tactics — that this youthfulness of mine was not infrequently dying. Nevertheless, I actively cultivated the sciences along with a love of the sacred Religion. Nine years had elapsed from this period when I finally came to appreciate the health-giving medicine of the Master Hermes.

Although in his work I might have seen the first signs of gloomy decay nonetheless, while fleeing the trumpeting of the wild beasts who were hostile to my small victory, I stopped work there and then and smashed the vial, but I did not completely abandon the Truth of the Mind: in fact I continued with my studies and attempted a second work using a new formula.

In truth, not having feared the wild beasts at all in such work, for almost two years now I have been discovering the son who was exceedingly insolent and harsh towards his mother Deuteronomy And so, now that my money was spent and my patron had withdrawn his financial support I was thereafter obliged to live off the fruits of my studies. On account of this, by meditating for a short time before the Mons Magnesiae I found partial circles, managed the first ones from experience, and — because the Leaders of the Rosy Cross might have in response rejected my symbol of avowal — have made recourse to the synallagmatic method.

If however you deny that, with GOD, I have given the symbol of the Art both to your Fama and the Confessio, yet the Epistle of Julian de Campis gave its direction to my writings, as also the puzzle of the Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosencreutz and the Senior Brothers, which they cannot deny I have understood at a first reading. The art of making gold and treasure must be acquired through the efforts of every individual acting for himself, as Georg Molther tells us. And indeed, because the Magnesia should be acquired with GOD's will, I do not find fault with that argument.

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The question is however, "To whom exactly does the Fama extend an invitation? The Confessio additionally refers to these things as "royal treasures" gazae and offers them to the noble, generous, literate and pure men who have been converted to the Order. You invite the worthy and reject the unworthy. But who exactly are the worthy? Why should they not be those who are aware of your truth and loyal to it? Why should you not see the unworthy as those to whom your truth is unknown and who despise it?

And how exactly should you test the faithful? Surely not by struggling with the half-dead? Surely not by violently eradicating the knowledge of plants, animals and languages, by destroying talents, by excoriating the truth, by destroying minds by means of Heaven-knows-what-kinds of fiendish and abominable whirlwinds? But your Fama and Confessio teach otherwise.

And how much more accurate and more useful would it be for a man to be judged from those spontaneous and usual actions rather than from violently imputed and intruded depravities! For I know that no one guards the Soul against lies by learning from the Song of Nature except him who follows the Lamb and the Virgin Revelation I also know that he who does not have innate sparks of the Golden Philosophy and of Forbearance — even though he might follow the simple tradition of gold-making today — will be howling with scorn for it tomorrow.

Meanwhile, he who promises much and delivers nothing brings along with that vanity clouds that are devoid of rain. You yourselves however, heroic men, have known bulrushes, wild endives, goats-beard and ragwort, brilliant in their broad flowers and prolific in their striped seeds. Truly, if I had expected that benevolence from any Rosicrucian Brother I did not even receive a short letter of greeting for my honest mentioning of them, but instead taunts and meannesses of heart, and burning sensations that caused my brain to sweat intolerably by night and day.

Never however have I delighted in Saracen brutality, that I might now be fed on the fruits of it. Most excellent men, I have not wanted to indite these things for you publicly when I have not been able to render them more certainly in private. For of what does your clemency consist? What form does your kindness take? What is the nature of your censure? If it is considered a virtue in your Order to mock the Symbolical Books by hanging them, then how exactly do you differ from the impure world?

Die paradoxe Ikone des Neuen

Is that really a way of defending the gates of the sacred Golden City? Are your readers really meant to think that those acting on behalf of the just cause that is promoted by the Fama and the Confessio should depart from that cause at their pleasure? I was unwilling to publicly reveal my weakness and loneliness, but wished only to encourage an attitude of philanthropy if you can bring yourself to act thus towards the censure of my Euphrasia if, by chance, you might wish to give me, from the seed of the Hermetic star once or twice re-born, some small recompense, so that the Spagyric Art might have eluded me more easily and briefly.

Nor indeed would I have dedicated my Euphrasia to a certain Civil Name unless a small number had been rewarded well and generously for their actions and I could make a parasol for my Maecenas [as suspecting your silence and being more severely angry]. You hardly seem to consider my innocence worthy of an honest name, so what should I hope for from other ignorant and mistrustful people?

Noah and Genetics (German) - ludeziqubi.tk

If you are the innocent authors of the Chemical Wedding, dear readers and exemplary men, then please attend my own wedding so that I might prove my modesty to you in person, for if you consider me to be a devotee of Andreas Libavius then you judge me wrongly. Julianus Sperber? My friend, I am questioning your blindness. It has led you to misinterpret the reality of Christ's service as it is described in the various Holy Scriptures. However spiritual you might be you try and discover its meaning from obscure earthly letters, which your coarsened intellect then misinterprets as a mere confusion.

As a result you judge it full of contradictions, and as long as you go around with these contradictions in your head you will never learn how to understand and investigate with clarity the work of Christ, and the more you search among the obscure earthly letters the blinder towards all spiritual works you will become. If however you have the correct spiritual vision then you will be able to see, read and understand all these things in the literal Holy Scripture, just as all the proper investigators of Holy Scripture can do.

But the majority, when confronted with all the godly works, act as if they were blind, deaf and dumb. This is no surrpise to God-illuminated men, for the literal Holy Scripture which, for the most part, runs completely contrary to the reality of God, has no spirit or life when seen through the eyes of the earthly intellect. For that reason, O blind man, I urge you to go outside into the street and, when you hear Christ passing, call and shout out loud, "Jesus, Son of David, have mercy upon me! In Matthaeum.

Lucam, Volume 5, p. The intelligent reader has no spirit or life other than his earthly intellectual delusions, and sees all of these as having ever-changing essences, so that on one occasion they mean one thing to him and on another something quite different. This does not mean that we embrace the "Enthusiasm" of Caspar Schwenckfeld and his followers, for we are happy to adhere to the Word and to Scripture, namely to the manger and the swaddling-clothes in which the sweet heart's-balm of all the world lay wrapped and concealed.

Now, my dear friend, mark well how you must achieve the spiritual reality of Christ and how you should recognise it.

Die Sintflut und die Genetik

Believe in the truth my friend! Considered all together a heathen enchantment has been cast upon humanity. Man is seduced by it, and then seduces others with it. Our own writings, too, are rarely understood by our fellow-man. Indeed he does not really want to know what those writings really mean when we say, for example, on the basis of ample evidence, that the making of gold which is actually the least important of our arts can also heal all kinds of illnesses, for he is too deeply immersed in worldly voluptuousness and, especially, in meanness and self-interest, and is completely blind and, yes, utterly overwhelmed and mired by earthly reasoning.

But now, in order to satisfy the needs of your soul, I first advise you to be willing to allow all the fantasies and intellectual delusions of worldly vanity which produce no spiritual life to become detached and then fall within your soul, and to see them in your heart as something heathen, for no single person has ever been found who has acquired spirituality through these supposed delusions. For why would a man to whom worldly blindness is little known want or need to concern himself with its delusions and spend his time in blindness? Yes, we believe that the worldly-wise are blind, deaf and dumb in their acts of omission and commission, and that all those associated with them are just like them.

At this point the intellect will say, "We know that the world is blinded, but we have the Holy Scripture to which Christ and His holy Apostles themselves attest and which they themselves wrote. O you poor man, how much longer will you torment yourself and make yourself anxious with your worldly delusions? No soul can be spiritual in such a manner, so anchor yourself within your heart. And now, my dear friend, you might find yourself asking, "Where exactly should we seek and find Christ, He Who makes man spiritual?

You must therefore seek this spiritualising Christ in His humble lowly essence within your own heart, through manifold, earnest and unceasing petitioning, sighing and pleading to God in Heaven to send and reveal to you His Christ — Who is His spiritual mercy, clemency and holy suffering — within your anxious and saddened soul, to spiritualise that soul, and in your honest petitioning to God you must pray that He allow His mercy for the humble soul to be seen from afar so that the soul turns her face towards the true Christ, which is a preparation for the birth or regeneration between God and man.

This preparation starts to create an understanding between the godhead and humanity, but the latter, which is still in its earthly essence, does not yet fully appreciate the mind of God, and thinks that God should live with humanity in its earthly life. But to the Godhead that is a contradiction, for just as much as the Godhead accepts humanity so just as much of death does the Godhead accept from humanity, but not in its Godhead but in the humanity that the Godhead has accepted.

Note well in this regard that, in accordance with its Godliness, the Godhead has no birth, and that in accordance with its Godliness the Godhead never dies. But in accordance with its humanity it has a birth, and so, after human fashion, it must humanly die, for it does not derive this characteristic from the Godhead but from humanity, which it accepted out of love and mercy so that humanity might be freed from earthly mortality, just as, through its death in accordance with the flesh, the Godhead, insofar as it is united with humanity, will itself be killed by the humanity that it embraced in order to free it from death.

Now you might ask, how should we understand all these things? If you understand that God is an eternal being of all beings both heavenly and natural beings then you will appreciate that, before the Creation, He was enclosed within His being, as yet unknown by mankind, so that within His being no death or life could be identified or distinguished.

Neu ist immer besser

And if death and life could not be distinguished from one another then God had to do that for Himself in the Creation, and then afterwards for the beings that drifted and floated in a cloud in a heavenly or natural manner in the light or in the face of God, as Holy Scripture affirms: "there was darkness on the earth and emptiness in the abyss" Mark In this Creation the coarsest matter, which was nearest to the Earth and which we might term brutish or incomplete, was the first to be created and made known in its coarse essence, and it is from this that we can first deduce, through the coarse brutish earthly Creation, that no heavenly God can and may be recognised from the earthly essence either in darkness or, indeed, in life and death.

Because the Godhead was unknown in life and death in the earthly existence but wished to make itself known through mercy and justice God, after the general Creation, created and breathed life into a creature or image from the earth called Man which He formed after His own image Genesis 1. But this earth, since it was made from man, was not pure, glorified or cleansed after the manner of the heavenly clarity, because God could not have His heavenly clarity with Him on the earth.

For that reason God, in order to cleanse the impure earth, used His godly power and might to create an efflux with the earth called Man and in this way intermingled with earthly mankind. In this way mankind passed from life to death, as Holy Scripture affirms when it says that the Lamb of God was killed and slaughtered from the very beginning of the world Revelation 5. This efflux that the Godhead or God Himself performed through Man and which led from life to death is the only kind of spirituality that poor earthly mankind possesses.

Do you see, my friend, what Christ actually did? He formed a link with mankind between life and death, quite humbly and patiently and, indeed, willingly. And yet our sweet dear Saviour, in the form of a servant, was wholly despised and held unworthy by the humanity of the impure earth. He came to live in our life and to die in our death quite ignominiously and wretchedly, and He did this to please mankind with an expression of sincere love, for God knew through His righteousness that the created image of the impure earth which we call Man must, due to disobedience in its earthly impure and evil will, be engulfed and consumed through the betrayal of the fallen angels of the destroyer of earthly death, and also that it could never in all eternity reach maturity if it was not freed through the death of Christ.

Our death must therefore be consumed by His death, as Holy Scripture tells us 1 Corinthians Also, for as long as Christ was at one with humanity as no more than an efflux to take upon Himself the human nature, He was concealed from earthly man, and He and humanity did not have anything in common with one another either in life or in death until the time when Christ was born from and with humanity. Before that time came however the human race increased both in earthly wickedness which we call Cain and in godly righteousness which we call Abel , and so good and evil stood on the two sides, comprehended under the death which had been assumed by the efflux from God which we call Christ.

Among these different races the evil of Cain the sole possession in the flesh acquired the upper hand over the race of Abel the innocent simplicity of God. Indeed, the evil generation has always gained the upper hand over the innocents of the godly type and everything born of the human essence, i. Even so, God allowed many teachings and prophecies from the race of Abel to be given and heard as an admonition towards good and as a warning of the punishment of evil, but because evil had the upper hand so it was able to kill God's teacher and prophet.

Because evil is cunning, severe and devious it conceals its malice and wickednesses from the simple of heart beneath such an appearance of godly rectitude that it still thinks that it is entitled to such rectitude.

It may even kill the innocent and the simple of heart. It follows from this that the progeny that is born from the human essence hold the innocent and pious to be eligible for death on account of their spirituality, and they make much use of these and similar tricks. When however these murders from the earthly essence reached, in God's opinion, the highest degree, and the righteousness of God saw that this human essence was comprehended under damnation because of sin, and that death could not be overcome except through death itself, God contemplated His great mercifulness and, for reasons of godliness, allowed His son Jesus Christ Who, in the Creation and after the Fall, was an efflux into the human essence, to assume human nature in all its weakness in the form of death.

And that same Christ was obedient to God His father and gave Himself up willingly into the weak human essence from which He was born as a man, and in birth already assumed human death in order to thus propitiate and satisfy the righteousness of God, and indeed to make earthly fallen humanity aware of their death through His death, so that humanity might turn away from their sins insofar as they might otherwise wish to bring about penitence and repentance.

Because however humanity in its human wisdom saw this Christ as a simple earthly man who was born of their own race they said, "He is a sinner just like us. It should therefore be noted that, because Christ had become a man and knew well that humanity had no righteousness other than His holy service in the flesh, He could not view the disgrace that they inflicted upon Him through death as being an evil act, because He knew well when He undertook to free mankind from their sins that He had also accepted death along with that task.

He must therefore suffer that same death from His own earthly human race and His companions, since He Himself was born according to the flesh. For they did not kill Him because he had done an evil deed for He had never committed any sins but because He had told them to their faces that He was a son of God, and so He then had to suffer death in His human life, otherwise all flesh should be freed from the flesh of transitory humanity 1 Peter 2.

Because, out of obedience to His father, He willingly accepted human death, He must again be freed from death by suffering a human death through His mighty Godhead. And no one could inflict this death upon Him, for that person from whom He received death and who took it upon Himself to do this and to act against Him Christ also had to act against because of his sins, and that was and is the painful holiness in the flesh. Therefore, since Christ knew that they would do such a deed with an envious enthusiasm in order to defend their own holiness and that they did not recognise righteousness as applied before God, He still pleaded on their behalf, saying, "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do" Luke The Apostle St.

Paul also said to the Jews, "This Jesus you have killed among you but you have done that unwittingly. Therefore repent" Acts 3. And because those who killed Christ according to the flesh did not want to recognise Him according to his godliness, the killing of Christ did not condemn them to any damnation.

But since He resurrected against their strength and the force of death and since they did not yet want to believe in Him as a true God then they brought themselves, through their unbelief and stubbornness, into eternal damnation. And so the Jews and the heathen as they are called were not damned because they crucified Christ according to the flesh in which He yet had to die but, as we have said, because they chose not to believe in Him after His sincere resurrection.

You must understand that death came from the whole of the human race, from both the good and the evil, the just and the unjust, and was among the deadly sins. Christ surrendered Himself to sinful death even though He Himself had no sin within Him. In doing so He deprived death of its power in order to free from death all those who were comprehended under sinful death, for guilty sinful death must be overcome. Thus He ended the damnation of the righteousness of God in respect of all right-believing souls.

That is why it is well said that all of us, i. The purpose of Christ's death was to promote godliness in all those who abandoned their sins and the damnation of all those who remained stubborn in their sins. That is why the death of Christ was an act of judgement of the whole world. Insofar as those — both Jews and heathen — who put Christ to death in accordance with the flesh and who turned away from their sins in true repentance of them were freed from sinful death once again through the death of Christ which they themselves inflicted upon Him He died for the sins of the whole world John 3.

Ah no, for all flesh is betrayed thereby if they think that the innocent Christ, Who had never yet committed any sin, should have atoned through His death for their deliberate sins which they repeatedly, knowingly, deliberately and gladly committed against the mercy of Christ. Ah no, no, that is not the meaning of the innocent death of Christ! The right understanding of it is that He atoned and gave satisfaction for the unconscious sins that were committed without awareness of the law and the holy word of God and that He willingly died the same death once for unconscious sins. As however He made known the unconscious sins through His death then He will die no more for the conscious sins such as were first committed.

For everyone who sins must die for his own sins. As the Prophet says Deuteronomy As St. Paul says, "the wages of sin is death" Romans 6. That is why the death of Christ revealed to everyone their sins. It follows that everyone must certainly die for his own sins, for Christ Who died once for sin will not die again. We ourselves cannot, through our death alone, demand any forgiveness of sins or eternal life, for our death is not a service to God in heaven but merely a punishment for sin Romans 6.

However, the innocent death of Christ was for our benefit: He spiritualised us, and by believing in Him we can share in this spiritualisation. In doing so however we might jostle against our good works and remain just an idle knave because we cannot do anything else, and if we could do everything that we should, who would first only do that of which we have been guilty?

Is this not a great blindness that afflicts the whole world? From this arises the great certainty of men in these last times that one cannot contemplate any more sin and that one must uphold the law of God as much as possible and do no harm to the body, for if you do then all virtues die and all burdens lie before the door like great mountains.

How does one compare oneself to this: that Christ may not commit any sins, should mercifully accept those evil men that are hostile to him, or that he should atone through His death for their stubborn persistent sins in which they still delight as long as there is a breath within them and so satisfy the righteousness of God? And so I pray to God that He remove this great blindness from all pious and simple hearts and give them the power to recognise that everyone must die for his own sins. Yet, as we have already said, in dying you will not perform any service or acquire any spirituality, for only the death of Christ has that effect, or else you must be damned in sin, for the judgement of the court is through the death of Christ as set before everyone's eyes, as the Lord Jesus Christ Himself attests when He says: "Now is the judgement of this world; now shall the prince of this world be cast out" John God ordered and petitioned that through His Holy Spirit everyone should receive complete enlightenment, as has here been briefly expounded, so that all those who are guilty of various misunderstandings regarding the death of Christ and His holy service can give correct testimony and so that all errors can be remedied and renounced.

God gives it His blessing. O Lord, how magnificent is Thy immeasurable essential spirit which encompasses, oversees and overspans all things in the height, the depth and the breadth. Who is there who could comprehend all the souls and creatures that appear from Thine essential spirits?

Could any of Thy separated and created spirits comprehend the whole of Thine essential spirit in the beginning, the middle or the end in all Thy works except Thine essential Holy Christ? Since the ideological confrontation between the Left wing and the Right wing is now over, the future of humanity needs a new worldview centered on God.. Godism, which is also called Headwing thought, seeks to substantiate the unity of God and humanity through the practice of unselfish living.. This is why my wife and I are founding a new organization based in a Godly perspective..

Coined by the Cross of the Redeemer, which is also the mark of the Order, the congregation put itself completely under the protection of Mary, the mother of God, following its true origin.. Saint Elisabeth of Hungary remains its shining example in terms of unselfish help for those in need for the sake of Christ.. Saint George, the faithful martyr, lights them their way in the courageous efforts for the Christian faith.. Papst Clemens III. Da sich unsere Gemeinschaft von Anfang an unter den Schutz der Gottesmutter gestellt hat, wollen wir ihr Bild tief in unserem Herzen tragen..

As our community put itself under the protection of the Mother of God from the beginning, we want to carry her picture deep in our hearts.. We would like to thank all the police, emergency and paramedical staff who were on the site for their exemplary and unselfish service.. Our particular thanks also go to the counselors and psychologists for supporting the relatives.. Doch noch in der Show realisiert sie, dass andere mit ihrer selbstlosen Arbeit Profite machen..

But during the show she realizes that others are making a profit from her altruistic work.. She wants to "get out of the whole thing", which she of course does not manage to do, so she returns to the camp and starts asking dangerous questions:. The altruistic commitment of the members of the young religious congregation for the suffering and needy people, and their courage in the protection of the Christian faith soon triggered a whole myriad of donations and thus a fast expansion of the Order over the Mediterranean area and the neighbouring countries..

On Sundays, after Mass, he would visit poor families in sa Penya, one of his favourite places.. The father of four children, he had a beautiful villa built, Villa Rosa, in honour of his wife, Rosaura.. Laut Prof. In Prof. Die Wassermanngeborenen sind ehrlich, selbstlos , freiheitsliebend und aktiv.. Aquarians are sincere, altruistic , free and active..

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The future has begun when every person becomes a little more selfless and celebrates the small things in life. MORE Close www. LZH stands for innovative research, development and consulting. The LZH is supported by the Lower Saxony Ministry for Economics, Labour and Transport and is dedicated to the selfless promotion of applied research in the field of photonics and laser technology.

They give honor to God by daily letting God work more through them, through their selfless feelings, sensations, thoughts, words and deeds. When we strive toward this day after day, then we find our way more and more into our divine heritage, into the Absolute Law, which is our true life, which makes us free, which makes us happy, which unites us.

In this video it is the selfless father of the child paralyzed Rick. The wise practitioner has faith in God and knows that their main duty is to act with the utmost integrity, with the highest selfless intention, and at the same time to not be concerned with the outcome of their actions, but to leave that to God. The friendship between man and animal begins to grow, not only externally, but in feelings, thoughts and selfless deeds, as well, which the people who walk the path of peaceableness bring toward the animals. Now becomes visible externally that which came forth from a spiritual base, from the great work of revelation of God through Gabriele: the first foundation of the Kingdom of Peace.

And how does the man repay her selfless act? By kissing her - her, a respectable woman. Fasziniert von Grazias selbstloser Hilfsbereitschaft stellt die Regisseurin sich die Frage, weshalb Menschen anderen helfen, und begibt sich auf eine Reise, um ihre eigenen Wurzeln zu erkunden. She sets off on a journey to discover her own roots. Mann und Frau werden zu Wahren Eltern, wenn sie ihren Charakter vervollkommnen und Gottes selbstlose , bedingungslose, elterliche Liebe erfahren.

Men and women become true parents when they become beings of perfected character, inheriting God's unselfish , unconditional, parental love. Der Gottismus sehnt sich nach der substantiellen Verwirklichung der Einheit zwischen Gott und Menschheit durch das Praktizieren eines selbstlosen Lebens. Godism, which is also called Headwing thought, seeks to substantiate the unity of God and humanity through the practice of unselfish living.

This is why my wife and I are founding a new organization based in a Godly perspective. Saint Elisabeth of Hungary remains its shining example in terms of unselfish help for those in need for the sake of Christ. Saint George, the faithful martyr, lights them their way in the courageous efforts for the Christian faith. Da sich unsere Gemeinschaft von Anfang an unter den Schutz der Gottesmutter gestellt hat, wollen wir ihr Bild tief in unserem Herzen tragen. As our community put itself under the protection of the Mother of God from the beginning, we want to carry her picture deep in our hearts.