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However, when I saw this comic I thought it was going to be an honest portrayal of who the prophet Mohammed was and how islam grew to the religion it is today. That's not the case. This comic is a conspiracy theory that claims that the catholic church is the founder of islam. It claims the church used Mohammed's first wife to influence the prophet.

There only e Generally, I like Chick publications and their work.

Seven Great Books on the Crusades

There only evidence for this is the word of a former jesuit, Alberto Rivera. He claims to have learned this through a Cardinal Bea. However, the cardinal has nothing on this topic and Alberto's claim he is a former jesuit is suspect. Scripture says that a matter needs to have two or more witnesses. This comic is based on only one testimony, Alberto Rivera's.

How to Plan a Crusade by Christopher Tyerman review – the role of reason in medieval religious wars

There are no primary source materials quoted to verify this. In fact, one can find counter evidence from the time as muslims did indeed attack catholics and orthodox christians. The writings of these two at the time called islam violent and unmerciful. Not all evil in the world comes from cathoicism.

There is a greater architect of evil and that's satan. He uses a whole plethora of tools to mislead mankind. This comic is based on here say and not enough scholarship.

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View 1 comment. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Progress was made in everything from taxation and trade to map-making and medical provision. How to Plan a Crusade is serious and scholarly, the synthesis of decades of work on difficult, fragmented sources.

The 17th Crusade

We are constantly being told that the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant is medieval in its outlook. It is invariably meant pejoratively, a stubby finger pointing at a group known for bigotry, obscurantism and bloodlust. It reveals faithful minds more than capable of sophisticated planning, manipulative propaganda and the application of reason to religious warfare — areas in which Isis has shown a proficiency that is, indeed, positively medieval. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics History books Book of the day.

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When the crusaders arrived at Jerusalem, they were not a band of bloodthirsty war mongers. Singing prayers and bearing relics, most prominently the Holy Lance, the army of the First Crusade walked around the walls of Jerusalem, coming at last to the Mount of Olives.

There, Peter the Hermit delivered a sermon. By the standards of the time, adhered to by both Christians and Muslims, the crusaders would have been justified in putting the entire population of Jerusalem to the sword. Despite later highly exaggerated reports, however, that is not what happened. It is true that many of the inhabitants, both Muslim and Jews, were killed in the initial fray. Yet many were also allowed to purchase their freedom or were simply expelled from the city. I have presented two views of the Crusades. The first view is the politically correct view, while the second view represents an actual historical account.

The first account is more fiction than fact. The second account represents the historical reality. When we look at the actual accounts of who the crusaders were, the negative stereotype is based on the popular belief that Christianity is evil. Whenever a villain is to be found, the Church often becomes the scapegoat.

It is easy to blame the Church, while absolving everyone else.

The Crusades and the Near East: Cultural Histories | Reviews in History

The traditional view paints Islam as a peaceful religion, while completely ignoring how the Crusades came about in the first place. Jerusalem and much of Europe belonged to the Christian empire. These territories were taken by Muslims by force. Jerusalem was a sacred city to Christianity. It was the birthplace of Jesus, yet no one criticizes the Muslims who took this city by force, slaughtered many of the inhabitants, and subjugated them to humiliation. Yet an attempt to reclaim the city, as well as other territories is seen as European imperialism!

Imperialism was clearly what the Muslims had in mind as it swept across Asia, Africa and Europe, yet the attempt to stop them is seen as evil! The view presented by Madden and others, presents an overall more balanced view. Madden does not deny the atrocities of the Crusaders, yet he puts them into a time context as well as demonstrating that the view of peace loving Muslims living in Jerusalem at the time was simply a myth developed centuries later as a rallying call against Christianity by Muslims.

Even Karen Armstrong admits that the immediate cause of the Crusades was based on Muslim expansion [14].

The New Book That Will Change How We Understand The Crusades

The common view of the crusaders as being a bunch of greedy barbarous mercenaries is simply untrue. The noblemen saw themselves as defenders of the Church and Truth. They were warriors and could be savage, and at times there were. However, there was nothing about them that was as savage as the Muslims against whom they were fighting.

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In the traditional view, we never hear about Muslim aggression. The Christians are always represented as the sole aggressors. However, even Karen Armstrong acknowledges that the Muslims did on occasion commit violent acts against Christians and other non-Muslims, however, this was only after the Crusades. In her view, these acts of violence wereb in response to the Crusaders who taught the civilized Muslims how to be barbarians. However, the facts say the exact opposite.

We see that Muslims were committing acts of unnecessary violence since the beginning of their campaign for world domination. Serge Trifkovic, in his book The Sword and the Prophet writes:. Slaughters did occur in the initial wave of the conquest: during the Muslim invasion of Syria in , thousands of Christians were massacred; in Mesopotamia between and , monasteries were ransacked and monks and villagers slain; in Egypt the towns of Behnesa, Fayum, Nikiu and Aboit were put to the sword. The inhabitants of Cilicia were taken into captivity.

There were enough atrocities to go around. However there is a big difference between those done at the hands of Christians and those done at the hands of Muslims. None of the atrocities reflect the ultimate example of Christians, which is Christ.