Histoire de la physique moderne (Histoire des sciences) (French Edition)

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Dear Kathryn,.

4èmes Journées sur l’Épistémologie Historique, 24-25-26 mai – Programme et Inscriptions

It is quite big as there are pupils and 70 teachers. It is quite a modern school with a gym, a big library and three ICT rooms. Usually, I arrive at school at quarter to eight. I cycle to school as it is not too far from my house. Fortunately, we also have some free periods when we can go to the library or go home! Break time lasts twenty minutes in the morning and we have a two-hour lunch break.

I go home for lunch but my friends who live further away eat in the canteen. My school rules are quite strict but I think that they are effective.

Parenthèse Culture 3 - Etienne Klein - La physique moderne : de quoi Galilée est-il le nom ?

We must be punctual and bring our equipment and homework for each lesson. We do not have a uniform but we must be dressed in a respectable and practical way. For example, no t-shirts with rude slogans, no large earrings or piercings that could be dangerous, etc. We are not allowed to eat or use our mobile phone in class either. I study maths, French, science, technology, history and geography, PE and citizenship.

L'histoire de la linguistique - Persée

As I am in Year 9, I must study two foreign languages. Retrieved Jun 28, from Explorable. The text in this article is licensed under the Creative Commons-License Attribution 4. That is it.

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