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The design is based on 30 lifesaving criteria. It consists of an easy to assemble aluminium frame, wrapped in a double layer of canvas. It takes only 2 days and 6 people to set up a Maggie of m2. Once sheltered, the walls and the roof can be filled with materials that are locally available, like insulation, sand, organic materials and even stray plastic with the help of the local community.

It thus becomes a sustainable, adaptable, circular, insulated and upgradable building with a life-span of over 15 years. Some of its unique characteristics are shown in the drawing underneath. Why the Maggie shelter? Bonding with workmates. Fancydress, mess and silliness. Having fun with friends. Fundraising help.

Fundraising materials. Sending your money. Your fundraising stories. Board of Directors.


Professional Advisory Board. Honorary Patrons. Architecture Co-Clients. Elizabeth Montgomerie Foundation. Cancer strategy. How to find your local hospital. Specialist palliative care. Primary care. What standards of care can I expect. User involvement in cancer services. Your healthcare team. Help and support. Causes risks and prevention brain tumours.

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Symptoms and diagnosis brain. Treatment of brain tumours.

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Surgery for brain tumours. Radiotherapy for brain tumours. Chemotherapy for brain tumours. Other treatments for brain tumours. After treatment for brain tumours. Blood haematological cancers. Testing for cancers of the blood. Hodgkins lymphoma. Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Causes,risks and prevention. Symptoms, diagnosis and screening. Staging and grading.

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Types of breast cancer. Reconstructive surgery. Hormone treatments. Biological therapies. Clothing post surgery. Causes, risks and prevention. Symptoms and diagnosis. Other treatments. Upper Gastrointestinal UGI. After treatment. Secondary liver cancer. Lower Gastrointestinal LGI.

Causes, risks and screening. Biological therapy. Small bowel. Treatment for kidney cancer. Causes and prevention.

Suntans and skin cancer. Basal cell, squamous cell non melanoma. Melanoma malignant melanoma. Hormone therapy. Women's Gynaecological cancers. Symptoms, diagnosis, staging. Neuroendocrine tumours. Paediatric children's cancers. Being told you have cancer. Introduction to treatment. Deciding on treatment. Types of treatment.

Side effects of treatment. Clinical trials. Questions about treatments for cancer. Talking about cancer. Personal relationships. Spiritual support. Relaxation exercises.

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Creative therapies. Gifts, treats and experiences. Money, work and travel. Financial help. Employment advice. Travel and cancer. Driving and cancer. Practical matters. Information in languages other than English.

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Symptoms and treatment. Fatigue, exercise and rest. Hair loss. Diet and nutrition. Complementary therapies.