Hazing the Sisters

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They still had a date night last week. This is a vicious cycle and it will continue until all students responsible are expelled to be made an example out of.

Sorority Hazing Increasingly Violent, Disturbing

Go wait tables; university is for people intelligent enough to realize who profoundly stupid such practices are. Can we not start with the generalizations and the victim-blaming? Greek Life, for better or for worse, is a part of the social spectrum at colleges and universities. Greek organizations are willing and able to include new members into their various separate communities and into the Greek community as a whole. Perhaps some were in it for the status, and perhaps it is those who succumb too easily to power corruption and made victims out of others looking to join the groups.

But really. Which brings me to your second point. Naturally, when we move through life we make friends. Hopefully, the older we get the more we learn to dissociate making friends with joining groups that are predicated solely on social exclusion. There is no shared activity that establishes a criterion by which membership is determined, like making the cut on a hockey team or being a good pitcher for the baseball team.

Sigma Delta Tau suspended during probe

How long until someone chimes in with the common refrain that these groups are ultimately philanthropic organizations, ultimately concerned with charity? So, if you want to really be charitable, start in your own communities, like Allston. For example, consider this:. How about cleaning up the neighborhood on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings, after many of you have barfed, littered, or broken bottles on the street?

'Pure Emotional Blackmail'

This is real charity, and none of you do any of that. And yes, university is for smart people. I went to BU and have lived near the campus for several years. These are the students who, among a crowd which is mostly overgrown teenagers already, have actively sought out a belonging to group whose value lies in social status among other airheads. Whose REAL utility is in providing a good excuse to meet and socialize, with an occasional reference to archaic traditions upheld by the founders of the house, charity, and other modes of maintaining a pretense of usefulness to society.

As a parent reading about these events on campus- I see a policy of no tolerance should be maintained- the hazing idea can be so dangerous.. There is no way to control them when they return on campus, except a lucky tip. BU is an school in a diverse, urban environment. Greek life is a childish, provincial clique where people pay people to be their friends so they can be rude, exclusive, and intolerant towards others.

That way, these immature students will simply self-select out and choose schools that allow this behavior. I am sick of the culture out there that says that individuals do not have the right to choose what is best for them. If students know the risks, then they should be able to take them.

There was nowhere that stated that those girls could not leave the sorority. All that happened was that a bunch of girls, who already idolized drinking, got together to drink a whole lot. Coercion is powerful, be we have to stop this myth that it will someday not exist. Rather than be reactionary, BU should focus on preventative measures like teaching freshman the skills necessary to make responsible decisions and offering better alternatives than the terrible events the school has now that effectively ban even responsible consumption of alcohol.

Punishing those after the fact does nothing. While the overall drinking rates go down from these restrictive policies, the number of excessive binge drinkers goes up. All that ends up happening is that the same people that want to drink continue to drink underground and sometimes have to drink a lot at one time to avoid punishment.

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Our approach to dealing with this is so backwards.

The 13 Most Nightmarish Tales of Sorority Hazing

No one is a victim here. Everyone should be punished for their lack of better judgement. Learn what it means to be a conscientious, intellectual human being. What void are they trying to fill in their lives that makes them accept things like this that are so obviously wrong even a four year old would object?!

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  5. How can BU recognize fraternities and sororities? As a freshmen everyone I know that has pledged has gone through hazing. A couple of them went to the hospital from drinking to much. Anyone who comes on here talking about Philanthropic bullshit knows their full of b. Maybe instead of allowing these social gangs to fuck with students with low self esteem the University should improve the culture of the school. For the amount of great strides forward that BU takes, it amazes me that they are willing to recognize these gangs of under-age drinkers to parade around.

    Like how about that rock in BU central? Why do fraternities spray paint it all the time?

    Sorority Suspended until for Hazing | BU Today | Boston University

    How does that contribute anything to the University? If only the organization changed its name to Sigma Tau Delta, each lady could come back to campus after suspension as an STD ;.

    I am not a fan of Greek life at all, but there is no reason to conflate what happened here with the stereotype of the promiscuous sorority girl. Before making such harsh comments in reply to this article, maybe it would be better to fact check first. Not all sororities and fraternities on campus are bottle breaking, vomiting, littering good-for-nothings. In fact, not all sororities and fraternities just party their lives away. Each individual member of their respective chapters are still members of the BU academic community — and most are involved in other activities and sports on campus.

    People do not just join Greek Life to meet friends that they otherwise could not have made on their own. They join to -enhance- their social lives and meet people they might not necessarily have met without the Greek organization they are a part of. You cannot judge an entire Greek community based on what you see on the weekends in Allston or hear about in the news — these are incidents that involve specific individuals, not every single member of every single fraternity or sorority on campus.

    We also DO pride ourselves in our philanthropies. Do you even know what amazing charities our Greek Community supports? Ronald McDonald House, St. Our philanthropies DO help those in need in our community. While the members of Greek Life who were not involved in the hazing incident of SDT acknowledge that it was a horrible one, and acknowledge that it is a problem that needs to be fixed through education and prevention, we are also aware that not every member of Greek Life was involved.

    The rest of the BU community needs to acknowledge this as well. Please cut and paste this comment — you can save it for next time — and the time after that. Its funny everyone wants to ban greeklife over one or two mistakes. At least Greek life is helping out the community what are athletes doing?

    No matter what you think about the issue, the grammar and spelling everyone used here to make their lengthy treatises are embarrassing, proving the quality of each and every argument made.

    Can you all just get back to studying for your Mrs. But actually.. You can raise money the same way without needing to binge drink every weekend.. The amount of vitriolic judgement going on here really shocks me. You have called your fellow students biddies and likened them to gang members. There are 16, undergraduate students at Boston University. There are countless students groups. Some are recognized university groups and some are just people coming together with common interests or even just plain old friendship. If you want to be on the Quidditch team then be on the Quidditch team.

    Under Connecticut state law, hazing refers to "any action which recklessly or intentionally endangers the health or safety of a person for the purpose of initiation, admission into or affiliation with, or as a condition for continued membership in a student organization. It's important to understand that a hazing victim's consent to undergo or willing participation in dangerous or harmful practices does not negate any criminal or civil liabilities of the sorority or fraternity and the individual members. Punishments and consequences vary, and may be limited to university sanctions or encompass criminal prosecution and civil litigation.

    If you are a student facing hazing allegations , it is important to take them seriously and seek professional legal advice before answering police questions. Source: Stop Hazing, " Connecticut ," accessed Sep. By The Law Office of Jerome Paun September 22, If you belong to a fraternity or sorority at a Connecticut college or university, you probably know quite a bit about hazing.