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Fire ants are tiny tiny, and they usually make large mounds of fine dirt. They also come swarming out like crazy if you disturb their mound. Usually one or several get you before you even see that they are on you. Be careful!! Ants are pretty amazing creatures to watch, I agree. Makes you wonder if we could learn something from them I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. They really do all work together for the good of all. It's fascinating! Thanks for the comment! Please leave us a comment!

I have some comment moderation on and of course will approve your comment relatively quickly. We love feedback and hearing what others have to share with us all. Please know that I can't always reply to it right away, but ALL comments are read. I will reply just as soon as I can so be sure to come back and see my reply. Now, let us hear from you! Update later on the weekend and weed-fabric progress, but until then,. OK, I know this might seem like a strange post and an even stranger thing to say, but I was happy to find these large red ants.

Now mind you, these aren't fire ants. These do sting or bite of course, but they aren't really aggressive to you like fire ants are. I used to spend hours watching them go to and from their nest. I have rarely seen them in Houston, and at the farm, I had never seen them. So during this weekend's unusually good weather, it was nice outside and I just stopped to watch them do their thing and take a few photos.

It's fascinating because they are so large and easy to see, you can watch them pick things up and carry them around, follow the same trails, stop to 'communicate' with each other, etc. It's fun, what can I say? Wuchakk 11 January Released to TV in as a knock-off of the theatrical "Empire of the Ants," which came out several months earlier, "Ants" is obviously a 'when-animals-attack' film featuring the little critters in full attack mode.

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Although the insects were huge in the theatrical movie, here they're normal-sized but with a toxic bite due to chemicals in the ground or whatever. Robert Foxworth, a favorite of mine, plays the protagonist with his sidekick Bernie Casey, another favorite. Lynda Day George plays the girlfriend at the old hotel where the ants are uprising and Myrna Loy her crippled mother. Suzanne Somers is also on hand as the associate of a businessman interested in buying the hotel. I've heard some criticize the movie as high camp when it's not campy at all. It's a straight forward creatures-on-the-loose flick with the requisite drama.

There's nothing artificial or goofy about the acting or story, which defines camp. This is not to say, however, that there aren't giggle-worthy parts, like when the boy falls into the dumpster. There's nothing extraordinary about "Ants," but it's certainly decent enough to give an okay grade. Although Somers isn't fat by any means, she's not in good shape like she was early-on in "Three's Company" and over a dozen years later as a hot fitness guru.

This can be observed in a couple of scenes where she's wearing a one-piece bathing suit. Karen Lamm works better as the requisite babe. As for Day George, she's dressed to the hilt with loose clothing the entire film. Yes, with a lowered-cased 'a' as if that makes it all the more terrifying. Now, this may or may not have been a trend back then Made-For-TV movies mimicking the silver screen films , but it's a downright horrid fad of the past few years and Sci-Fi or Syfy Channel's the biggest criminal to one of my biggest pet peeves.

Side note: it actually worked, so kudos to these demon marketers. These disgusting knock-offs are so bad, so horribly acted starring D-List actors from decades old sitcoms, so boring and so low budgeted it's as if it was like the kids on the block trying to recreate Harry Potter from their backyard with a phone video camera. They should be ashamed and I'm not going to even list any examples; you evil Syfy producers know your sins and will eventually pay in dividends. But, I digress.

My rant really has nothing to do with ants!

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Let's see: they both have killer ants, both ants attack a resort-to-be ants! Only these ants are the right size which to me, makes it more scary than the plastic, cardboard and enlarged ants of Empire of the Ants. Wheelchair-bound owner of the Lakewood Manor resort is fending off both a greedy businessman and nasty and little black ant terrors that are simply angry for being disturbed from where a construction hole is being dug. The little ants have apparently absorbed the toxicants we humans have carelessly dumped and they're using their new superpowers to retaliate for the wake-up call.

And they'll either use the conveniently placed pipe that leads into the resort's kitchen or simply march in with, I'm guessing, billions of tiny and laughably cartoonish warriors. Throw in a few "I Love the '70s" soap opera dramas and a climax of rescue and in most cases unintentional hilarity and you have this harmless "When Animals Attack" movie.

And yet, I am rating this slightly hirer than I normally would. It could be, perhaps, I was the same age as one of the ant's victims when I was also personally attacked not once, but twice as a child, though under different circumstances, of course. This boy was digging for gold, or empty recycle glass bottles, in a garbage bin and left it covered in more than just trash.

He had the luxury of running into the pool to save himself from the deadly bites of the ants. In real life, back in my home state of New York, I was probably that same age and size and playing on a hill in a neighbor's yard that had a tree on it. There was no body of water for me, but thankfully the neighbor helped.

The other incident happened when I was a tad bit older, now in Arizona, and I had the luxury to revisit this nightmare, but like most sequels, this one contained much larger ants and improved with the color red. By the way, for those unfamiliar with ants, that's not good news. Coincidentally, my second encounter involved my playing in a construction ditch. I honestly don't know how I got out of that one, but I was spared somehow. So, naturally, I do have some fear of the little beasts, and this obviously pre-CGI movie really made my skin crawl. These were real ants, for the most part, and all over the actors.

How they managed to sit still with again, obvious un-poisonous creatures swarming over them is beyond me. Seriously, if you're into this sort of thing, like I'm always attracted to, you cannot do wrong here.

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Jeremysnow9 8 July Suzanne Somers. The only reason I gave this movie a try was because I saw that Suzanne Somers was in it. I am glad i Gave this movie a try. In the beginning, the deaths seem like freak accidents, until the manor owners realize that the ants are the killers. A man explains that after years of chemicals being soaked in the ground, the ants have become mutated.

When the victims are killed, over ants cling to them to kill them, and the ants have certain properties so that they stick to your skin. Then, too the climax of the film, The remaining people in the manor find out that if you don't move, the ants won't bite them, so they sit perfectly still breathing through funnels of paper. Eventually, one man loses it and jumps out the window. The remaining two characters survive and there is a happy ending.

There were other people in the manor who survived because they were airlifted before the ants came. I love this movie. There is another film, Tarantulas: the deadly cargo, it has similar properties of a 50s horror film. Love it Love it Love it! Only you can't really call it horror.

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There's zero suspense and no gruesome events. In other words: this movie is pretty lame. It's not that it's really bad or something; it's just very boring. A construction site near a hotel uncovers a big nest of ants. Later on we learn that, probably due to different sorts of pesticides used in the past, their bite became poisonous. Some people get bitten and rushed to the hospital and it takes ages for the residents of the hospital to figure out what's going on. Robert Foxworth figures it out first and then you can see him go berserk with a digging machine for what seems like several hours.

Then they flee in the house, waiting to get rescued. And, man, you should see all the efforts they make for rescuing them. I won't spoil too much, but at one point they even use a big helicopter. All the time when I was watching this, I sat there thinking "Come on, people, you all got shoes on.

Just run out of the building. I'm sure a bunch of ants won't catch up with you. Of course, lots of close-ups of crawling ants are shown throughout the whole movie. Ants in the garden. Ants in the garbage. Ants in the kitchen. Ants on the roof.

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Ants in the bedroom. Ants in the sink. And the best part: Ants crawling on people's faces while the actors are breathing through straws. But when you see groups of ants in wider shots, they indeed look like black rice the set designers glued to the wall. One small surprise came near the end. No, it has nothing to do with a twist in the plot. It was just that Brian Dennehy made an appearance as a chief-fireman. What more can I say? There you have it. Now, since this is a made-for-TV movie from the 70's, I'll be once again extremely mild in my final rating.

Lacking suspense, action, thrills, shocks and creepiness, the only thing you'll be left with after seeing ANTS is an annoying itch. Lakewood Manor is thought to be the next Las Vegas. A grubby casino promoter is in to try and buy the place and set up shop to make it look and feel like Vegas. There is construction going on next door and a swarm of ants is let loose to eat the vacationers up in this TV movie made in Did not find the movie scary at all as I find ants cool and interesting. Does have a capable cast though and in the end they may prop the movie up a little bit.

Uriah43 25 September While working at a construction site near a hotel, "Mike Carr" Robert Foxworth notices that two of his men are missing. Upon investigation the site he looks inside a pit and discovers a helmet belonging to one of them and immediately halts all operations in an effort to bring them back up to the surface. A little later his foreman "Vince" Bernie Casey begins to complain about some ants which have bitten him and caused his leg to go numb.

Meanwhile, the owner of the Lakewood Manor hotel named "Ethel Adams" Myrna Loy has to contend with a similar issue as her cook has collapsed and died with what the authorities are convinced is a virus of some sort which necessitates the closing of the kitchen for a certain length of time.

Needless to say, this doesn't help her or her daughter "Valerie Adams" Lynda Day George in their negotiations to sell the property to an unscrupulous real estate developer named "Tony Fleming" Gerald Gordon and his beautiful assistant "Gloria" Suzanne Somers. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this type of film was rather popular during this particular period and as a result it wasn't that unusual or spectacular.

No doubt the low budget had much to do with this.

Let's begin. Since there's been no spare time to take photos lately, I perused the archives for pictures taken around this time in years past. This one of an old shed near the public landing at Harcum was taken two years ago, just before a particularly tumultuous time in my life. Regardless, I took some of my favorite pictures during that time and am happy to regurgitate them now during another rather hectic period of my life. It's been cold and cloudy for the past several years days and I'm exhausted, which helps explain some of my whining above.

Let's see I am grateful for my family, my friends and their good health. I am also grateful for strong, black coffee; sweet, home-brewed tea; and soccer games cancelled due to rain. Oh, and kettle cooked potato chips. And popcorn made on top the stove the "old fashioned" way. Also salsa, preferably homemade with lots of cilantro and fresh jalapenos.

Don't get me started on guacamole, also with cilantro and a dash of lime. Now it's your turn to share three things, whatever happens to be floating around your mind at the moment. Thank you for reading; thank you for tolerating my rambling commentary which starts off referencing Harcum and ends up with guacamole; but most of all thank you for your wonderful comments, which always make my day.

Labels: Harcum , Three Thing Thursday. Wednesday, March 30, Ant Wars. View of Queens Creek.

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And the arsenal for the War on Ants. Once upon a time, in a land far away, in a tiny little county on the Chesapeake Bay, lived one ant, two ants, three ants, four, ten kajillion ants, sixteen bazillion ants, ants, ants galore! There also was a Woman named Chesapeake Bay whose ant frustrations were impossible to allay. She killed and she sprayed and she set out those traps. And the ants,while they laughed, said snidely, "We're not saps. Terro sent her an arsenal that squelched that ant laughter, and Chesapeake Bay Woman and Terro lived happily ever after.

Without ants. The End. Terro Anti-Ant Experts aka Terroists suggested that in some areas of the country a single approach such as setting only indoor traps is not enough, and a multi-faceted approach must be employed. She just feels very strongly about its ant fighting capabilities--but only if you use the multi-faceted approach described above.

May the Terro be with you and the ants be gone. View of some Mathews County daffodils. And products from my BFF Terro.