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The story then flips to Paris and settles into its primary time frame with Vincent and his younger brother Theo a moving Rupert Friend , whose close friendship and money sustain him.

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Soon, van Gogh is in the South of France, where he finds his light and enters a period of feverish creation. The first scene of Vincent in his room in Arles vibrantly conveys the roughness of his life and how that texture finds its way into his work. He hunches, as if still steeling himself against the cold, and the wind bangs open and shut the window that brings dim, blue light into the small, shabby room. He bites an apple, wiggles a toe poking through his sock, takes off his boots and begins painting them.

By the time Vincent brushes on gobs of yellow and red, a man, a room and a world have come into visual and sensual focus.

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The shoes Vincent paints more rightly belong to Schnabel, who has staked his claim on van Gogh both by making this movie and recreating his art. Schnabel and Dafoe share painting credit with Edith Baudrand. Some parts of the story were such that I decided to nearly skim through them, while some were certainly interesting. I also found the writing style of the author to be something which I could not really absorb quickly, somehow, which goes out t 3.

I also found the writing style of the author to be something which I could not really absorb quickly, somehow, which goes out to both of his books. The continuing story is interesting enough, yet something was holding me back from not getting caught in its grip, and I was at several times wanting the book to just end. View 1 comment. Jan 15, Mike Franklin rated it liked it Shelves: science-fiction. In some respects it was better than that first book, in others worse. I found this book was much less confusing than Eon; it managed to make the whole Hexamon society much more understandable and accessible.

In Eon I felt I was being bombarded by too much new stuff all the time and this made the book and certainly my recollections of it more than a little confused. Eternity, on the other hand, is somehow much easier to follow, though the plot itself is no less complex. I also found myself getting closer to the characters than I ever did in Eon even though many of them are the same!

My main complaint with Eternity was its pacing which I found very poor. The first half to two thirds of the book I found very slow and it really dragged. The latter part of the book did redeem it though, and was very good. I struggled a little bit with the Gaia sections which were inevitably very different to the other parts of the books and it always felt like a big switch moving between those sections and the others and yet despite this I think I ended up liking those sections the best.

Go figure. All in all not an excellent book, but a good enough one for me to read the third at some time in the future. Sep 17, Charlotte rated it liked it Shelves: science-fiction. I must say the book kept me entranced to the very ending, finishing a 2am, but on the whole I really was not happy with how things worked out.

Somehow I get the feeling he did not know what to do with the mess he had created. It was just not satisfying for me. Jan 18, Michael Brookes rated it really liked it. One of the things that makes great science fiction stand out is the big ideas. Eternity is full of big ideas. The story is well told, although it takes a while to get going, but once it does it clips along at a fair rate. Highly recommended. Dec 08, Sarebear rated it really liked it Shelves: four-star-faves.

Some years ago, a decade or more maybe; I tried to read this after having read Eon within the previous 6 mo.

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I at that time found the culture of the granddaughter's planet excruiciating almost to read through; it seemed to feel jarring, so out of place with the rest of the book, and rather boring. BUT, maybe it's just cause I'm more mature now, or what, but I pushed past the first 8th of the book I didn't get past before, and was engaged before I even got that far.

Perhaps it's because Some years ago, a decade or more maybe; I tried to read this after having read Eon within the previous 6 mo. Perhaps it's because this time I read it within a week of Eon; I don't know. I actually think this book is better than the first one, although the first one is quite good. When something happens with that granddaughter's culture later, it made how I'd ever felt about that culture when I first tried to read it, irrelevant. That's so vague as to hopefully not be a spoiler. I'm excited to read the third book, Legacy, because I have NO idea where it's going from here!

Just like once I got past what I'd read before in this one, it took me on a great and unpredictable ride. Jun 24, Emily Burkman rated it liked it. This follow-up to Greg Bear's earlier "Eon" clinched my feelings about this two-part drama of parallel universes, asteroid starships, and space-time distortions. It's been done before and done better. The beauty of a mathematically ingenious wormhole spanning universes and time itself beco This follow-up to Greg Bear's earlier "Eon" clinched my feelings about this two-part drama of parallel universes, asteroid starships, and space-time distortions.

The theme of knowing yourself and being home, labored upon obviously and even out loud by many characters, loses its poignancy early. I prefer Rendezvous with Rama. This, the sequel to Eon, is much better than its predecessor. Jeopardy is introduced early and the book appears to be about some things; going home and getting old. Unfortunately I still found it hard to relate to most of the characters and their varied fates.

There is, I discovered, a third book - I feel that I'd like to read it more to see where the SF ideas go than from a desire to follow the characters further. I'm in no pressing hurry, though. Feb 21, Michael Burnam-Fink rated it liked it Shelves: sci-fi , Eternity is one very good novella, intermixed with an okay novella, and a mediocre one. Unfortunately, the mediocre one is the most important.

Roughly 30 years after the events of Eon , the characters are trying to make sense of what comes next. The good part is Rhita, granddaughter of Patricia Vasquez from Eon , stranded on an alternate Earth dominated by Ptolemaic heirs of Alexander the Great. A gifted scholar, carrying the strange artifacts of her grandmother, Rhita lives in a deft, Greek inspir Eternity is one very good novella, intermixed with an okay novella, and a mediocre one.

A gifted scholar, carrying the strange artifacts of her grandmother, Rhita lives in a deft, Greek inspired alternate Earth, and has to negotiate a way to open a gate back to the Way, without understanding the consequences. I loved the glimpses of alternate history, and wished there were more of that. The okay novella follows Olmy, as he investigates the great secret of the Jart War.

It seems that at some point, Hexamon Defense captured a Jart and hit it away in Thistledown. Olmy's last mission is to interrogate the Jart, a combination of diplomacy, cryptography, and mind-to-mind combat. It turns out the Jarts a cybernetic collective, with a goal of archiving every lived experience. They are interesting antagonists, though the military aspect of the series has always been a weak point. The mediocre novella follows Lanier, now an old man who has refused regenerative medicine, and the political struggle between rebuilding Earth in the aftermath of a nuclear war, and reopening the Way.

Pavel Mirsky reappears, an avatar of a godlike intelligence at the end of time, with a dangerous message. The Way must be destroyed for the universe to reach its fulfillment. The politics and cosmology are scattershot, and the meditates about death and the growing distance between Lanier and his wife Karen little more than cliches. Mar 26, Andreas rated it really liked it. After the message of hope brought by the first novel, it is interesting how in Eternity Bear takes humanity back down a notch, not closing the door to the future but simply reminding us that the gods do not take kindly to hubris.

Dec 13, Russ rated it liked it. This is the sequel to Eon, which I just reviewed. This book deals with some of the consequences of the artificial universe described in the first book. Because most of the book deals with re-opening the new universe, as well as politics, it's not as interesting as Eon. However, there is a large portion of the book which deals with a main character taken over by a vicious alien intelligence. Those parts are the most interesting. Overall I enjoyed the book, and would recommend it.

Sep 12, Jeff Daly rated it really liked it Shelves: listened-to-audiobook. I listened to the audiobook version, read by Roy Abers. I enjoyed the book a great deal. Less so than the first book of the series, "Eon". Perhaps that was due to the fact that the first book introduced me to so many new ideas and was the initial world-building for the series. Still a great read. Fri finished: Fri duration: 14hms. Feb 15, Keith Diamond rated it it was amazing. I am an hardened fan of Greg Bear and have read a number of his books, i.

I have found them all to be a great and grasping read and reccommend them to anyone who likes good quality science fiction stories. The concept of this book being the second in the series is remarkable. His first, Eon was an amazing story and Legacy was also an incredible read.

May 25, Mike Veitch rated it really liked it. A really good follow on from EON, however it was unlikely to have been as good as the original. I enjoyed catching up with the characters from EON and meeting some new ones. Where the story failed compared to the original is the ending, it is somewhat less structured and possibly rushed, where it does well is the sheer size and scale of the universe coupled with some big ideas and some nice twists.

Aug 06, Louella Mahabir rated it it was amazing. This is one of the best books ever! My brain felt a little slow on the draw but I made it. This was so well written. This is the work of a man who has already accomplished his little menial stories to find his own style and bypassed the "I am the shit! Such good work. It is a pity i read the second one first. Nov 26, Donny Price rated it really liked it. Superb sequel to Bear's masterpiece Eon, returning us to the plot and main characters several decades down the line from the plot of the first novel. Definitely would read again.

May 31, Millie Taylor rated it liked it. There are some technical issues with the beginning of the book — things seem forced and rushed, but it is something that ultimately vanishes. Another thing is there are a LOT of characters to keep up with, some that come and go so fast you almost wonder what their true purpose was to the heart of the story. One redeeming quality is that the shift in POV allows you to get the back story at a smooth pace, rather than all at once as Maryah does.

But, the story that Hooper creates is unique — while many elements can be found in other books and genres, this one sets itself a part. With a fast-past thrill, this book will leave you wanting more. Overall Four out of Five Stars View all 3 comments. Truly, I didn't set my expectations very high as I began this novel. I wasn't expecting a book as unique, as magical, as romantic as this. Karen Amanda Hooper manages to make the romance lovely and enchanting while not crossing the fine line of cheesiness.

Maryah and Nathan are supposed to be soul mates, throughout their different lives, but this life is different. She can't remember him.

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She erased, for reasons unknown to everyone. The story starts, and I was hooked. I'd rather not say what happ Truly, I didn't set my expectations very high as I began this novel. I'd rather not say what happened in that first scene, as that would be a major spoiler. Maryah and Nathan are an adorable couple. She didn't remember him until the end, but their love was palpable through Nathan's POV.

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I usually am not a huge fan of romances, but Grasping at Eternity makes the love story one I want to read about. Sometimes Nathaniel's actions were kind of stupid, and I didn't agree with them, but he was still lovable. I mean, he's only human, right? Wait, technically he isn't, but you get the point. This novel of reincarnation makes the topic so intriguing that I couldn't help but read on. There wasn't any info-dumping, and the gradual revelations gave the story a very natural flow that was easy to follow.

Since this a fairly new topic to the YA genre, it is vital for us to understand reincarnation, and while the author didn't answer every question, I wasn't dying of confusion by the end of the novel. My only complaint is that it is a bit hard to keep track of all the Kindrily, and I wish the author put more effort into developing more to make them easier to distinguish between. Minus Carson. He stood out easily, and view spoiler [he's mine. Heck, even if you don't like romance, Grasping at Eternity will probably convert you.

Like it did for me. View all 5 comments. Yeah, this is what this book is all about. And I love it!! They alternate with Nathan's PoV. She talked about the night her whole family was murdered by creepy men and how she survived. There are parts wherein she appeared confused and gloomy. I mean, she's quite irrational and stubborn. And VERY frustrating! She doesn't even bother to notice the starngeness surrounding her.

It's like everything is on s Soulmates. It's like everything is on shut down mode. Then, she will stay with her mother's best friend and her godmother, Louise Luna after losing her family. And that's where all the confusion will start.

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I think that the Luna family is wonderful. They are very caring and hospitable to Maryah. I like Louise's character, even grumpy Carson.

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But, what made me like this book even more is Nathaniel. Oh my gosh.. You are the epitome of all mankind. I love how he is so patient and loyal to his soulmate! And he's good looking too. Too bad, Maryah thought he is the angel of death. A hot angel of death. The efforts he do for Maryah are so sweet! Even if she thinks Nathan is a total psycho.

Enough of the gushing and let's talk about the superhero stuff. Souls that reincarnate and have the power to erase or retain their memories is uber cool. They are called Elements. Souls who have add-ons like traversing, time freezing, super speed and astral projection. I would definitely want to be a part of the Lunas! Why did she chose not to retain everything associated with her being?

What is she trying to protect? And what does the creepy men want from her? I love how the first book ended. It's such a cute cliffhanger. I have a lot of loving emotions on Grasping Eternity! Perfect 5 swooning stars!! To say I was shell-shocked that I won a GoodReads giveaway would be a gross understatement. I was beginning to think it was impossible to accomplish, as I had entered countless of them to no avail. Lo and behold, an e-mail popped up in my inbox a few weeks ago deconstructing any suspicions I had accumulated. I had won a First Reads giveaway. I walked on clouds for the rest of that day.

Flash forward, about two weeks later, and a package waits for me calmly at home. My fingers were tearing at the To say I was shell-shocked that I won a GoodReads giveaway would be a gross understatement. My fingers were tearing at the material surrounding the book with a certain ferocity before I could even guess at what waited inside: Grasping at Eternity-- in all of its gorgeous cover glory, complete with a sealed envelop tucked within a random page.

I'll take this moment to give a huge shout out to Karen Amanda Hooper, and her fabulously named dog, Rooney , for taking the time to write me a lovely message bound in an equally lovely envelope. I'm not sure she'll ever see this review, but I wanted to give a shout out anyway to show my appreciation. Anyway, on to the point at hand. Grasping at Eternity. This book definitely surprised me. Oddly enough, it surprised me by not surprising me. I got exactly what I wanted from it.

All too often lately I've had totally wrong notions about what a book may be about. It was a nice breath of fresh air to read something that delivered in every area that I had hoped it would. Reading the synopsis, one may immediately notice that the central topic of the novel is reincarnation. The whole idea caught my attention from the beginning; there aren't many young adult novels about life cycles around these days.

I hoped going in that it would set a high bar for a concept I had yet to dabble in, and set a high bar it did. Due to the shifting perspectives of Maryah, pronounced like Mariah, and Nathan, the reader is allowed insight into the idea of reincarnation almost immediately. At times it was mildly frustrating knowing so much more than Maryah, but at the same time it's easy to understand why she's kept in the dark for so long.

If someone were to tell me I've lived 20 other lives, I'd run for the hills at full speed. On the topic of changing perspectives, I will say that Nathan's point of view was kind of It wasn't necessarily a bad thing, but his voice read more like a female than a male. I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn't seeing things through Maryah's eyes. After getting comfortable with the fact that he was lifetimes old, though, I started to understand why he sounded so different: he didn't sound like a typical teenage boy because he wasn't a typical teenage boy.

Far from it, actually. I won't spoil anything more, but I will say that his intense love for Maryah also contributed to the way his voice was conveyed, and after a while it began to feel more natural. This sort of leads into my next point: the way Hooper delivers the romance. While I admit that I wish I was given a little more time to get to know Nathan, I understand the reasons he kept his distance. I also realized that, in many ways, seeing less of a romantic interest is better than having them shoved down your throat during every scene. I think the main reason it bothered me at all was because by the time they "got together," it felt kind of rushed and weird.

I understand that they were by no means strangers to each other, but as a bystander that witnessed only the events of the novel, it felt as though all of a sudden these strangers had fallen madly in love.

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It isn't insta-love, but we're never given a build up, either. Lack of romantic build up aside, it's crucial that I point out how lovely Hooper's writing is. Her descriptions creep off the page, slowly inching their way up into your mind. Everything is vivid and everything is beautiful. That's the simplest and best way I can describe it. You'll just have to read it for yourself to understand, but it's pretty incredible. I'm just about done with my ranting session now. I was shocked to find that this fantastic book had only ratings on GoodReads.

What does that mean? It means go buy Grasping for Eternity. It's a wonderfully crafted novel that embraces a new phenomenon that is sure to keep your pages turning. View 2 comments. The descriptive details and style of writing were incredible. I felt like I was part of the plot. Each character was compelling in there own way and even more complex than they appeared. It was like unraveling a mystery within a mystery, you dream of books that give you such delight. The story was soo beautiful and heartbreaking at times but nonetheless immersed you into feeling so deeply for the story and the characters.

I love the idea of reincarnation especially the idea of souls always reincarnating together and in each life playing a different familial role be it family, lover, or friend. I also loved that each individual of a Kindrily had a special gift or gifts of there own. I feel that added an extra layer to an already delicious cake. This book deserves to be recognized for its creative writing skills and diversity. It's not often that a book with a beautiful cover delivers an amazing story as well.

I'm really excited for the second book in this series and will be eagerly awaiting its release in One night Maryah and her family are brutally attacked, leaving her parents and twin brother both dead and her just barely alive. After Maryah recovers she's left with an empty feeling inside. Forced to pick up the pieces of her shattered soul she is sent to live with her godmother and her family who she only met when she was barely a toddler.

While living there strange occurrences keep happening, and to top that off she keeps dreaming of a man with gorgeous green eyes - a man she believes to be an angel of death. Also her adoptive family members aren't all as welcoming - some seem almost resentful towards her but who are they to judge her when they barely know her - or so she thinks.

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This was such a beautiful love story! I have been up all night finishing it, and it is now 5 am! That is how crazy I am! And how much I loved this book! Maryah is a young woman that starts out with her twin brother and parents getting murdered. Of course she is heart broken and depressed, but she decides to go live with her godmother. Here is where she finally meets Nathaniel and the story gets so good.

This story is about soulmates, which actually made me frustrated with Nathan half of the book. He just has so much love, but I think he could've showed it with more passion a few times instead of staying away. There are all lot of great family and friends in this book, like Faith with her uber-cheerfulness, and Carson that was a great protector.

And then there was River that just seemed creepy the whole way through. I can not wait for the sequel to reveal some of the secrets that are still unvealed and to get more of this romance underway. I recommend this book to everyone!! From page 1, the book starts out action packed. Maryah is home with her parents and brother when intruders attack and her family is murdered. She is caught and brutally attacked as well and as she is laying there waiting for death to claim her, she has some very odd visions. A green-eyed, heavenly "angel" Faces blurred. Colors Faded.

Lost in eternity. Agonizing pain. Stars pulsating. Please remember, the brightest star whispered. The basic premise of the story: Life is a never ending cycle. What most would call re-incarnation. We return infinitely in different bodies with the same soul. When we experience deja vu, those are actually memories from one of our past lives trying to surface. Every soul is given a choice to "retain or erase". You can retain your memories into your next life, or erase them completely Elements are all part of a "kindrily" or a soul family.

One person who was your mother in one life could be your sister in another life. You are always surrounded by these people in one form or another. They each have their own star in the sky that remains through their lifetimes. For some unknown reason, we find out that Maryah is one of these Elements who has decided to "erase" and she is connected to her godmother, all her friends and family, and most especially Nathanial who is her true soul mate.

He has been checking on her periodically throughout her life but keeping his distance. He is consumed with pain that everything they shared, all the love, laughter, and joy through their lives is gone forever and the light that once shone in her eyes is now extinguished. He is tethered to her though and cannot bring himself to abandon her or stay away.

He hopes and prays that even the smallest glimmer would return in her eyes-some sign that she could return to her former self but his hope is quickly dwindling. When they meet, all he ever seems to do is push her away. Meanwhile, strange things are happening all around her. This is where all the facepalm moments occur. She has all these people surrounding her with supernatural abilities who are saving her inexplicably. She dreams almost nightly where she sees Nathaniel and others saying and doing things that she finds out really happened.

Her classmate River is spending time with her, falling for her and she doesn't see any sign of him seeing her as anything other than a friend. Nathaniel could have a flashing neon sign on his forehead reading, "I am your soulmate. Despite this, I loved the story overall. There was so much more to the story but you really have to read it to get the full effect.

There is a lot of information that is withheld. Why did she choose to erase? Who are the people who killed her family and what are they plotting? It truly had an intricate plot you can really sink your mind into regarding the facets and possibilities of love, death, destiny, and kindred spirits. Angst factor: NOT overkill, just enough. The supporting cast of characters were very well thought out and interesting in their own rights. And there were quite a few of them And it had a fascinating love story that really captured my interest.

Nathaniel just broke my heart at how much he had to endure being around Maryah and not being able to be with her and be connected to her the way he needed to be. It was like his other half was ripped away from him and withheld from him in plain sight and there was nothing he could do about it. He wants to give up so many times and break away from her and the pain she unknowingly causes but the love they shared through the years won't allow him to do that. You see the sheer devotion and unyielding support and it was such a beautiful thing. View all 6 comments.

Keep that in mind. Maybe my annoyance with this book is just my personal taste and everyone else will love it. That being said, this book didn't work for me. For a book in this category to really impress me now, it has to bring something very special to the table. Truthfully, I was excited when I read the blurb for this book.

The concept of reincarnation and erasing one's memory was prett Ugh. The concept of reincarnation and erasing one's memory was pretty fascinating to me, and I was pumped to see where the author was going to take this story. The book actually starts out pretty well. Maryah is attacked at her family's home in Maryland, and in that attack her parents and brother are killed, leaving her homeless and an orphan. Devastated, Maryah goes to live with her god family in Sedona, whom she has never met. She is taken aback at the way her god family interact with her, as if they have known her forever. She especially does not know what to make of her uber-intense god-brother Nathan, who she swears is the same guy that has been haunting her dreams.

The book really started to fall apart for me in Arizona. I hated how the god family in Arizona there are so many of them it was hard to keep track kept not so subtly hinted that they all knew her from past lives. It was like a constant "wink wink" thing between everyone and Maryah had to be the densest person alive not to get all of the clues. The author also kept re-emphasizing the same concepts over and over again to the reader. Okay, I get it. It irked me to no end. Strangely, even though the author kept bringing up the same points, I felt like the world-building was sloppy and not convincing.

It bored me and the book draaaggggeeedd. To top it off, Maryah was one of those dreaded teenage whiny heroines. I wanted to stop reading every time she spoke. The blurb compares this book to X-men. I didn't see that at all. Because the characters in this book had superpowers like sight and speed? Powers do not an X-man make, I'm afraid. This book doesn't hold a candle to X-men. If you want a book that is X-men-like done right read The Holders. Honestly, I started skimming at the end. I just wanted it to end so I could move onto the next.

This book gets two stars because I like the general concept, but that is me being generous.