Service Excellence @ Novell: Taking Customer Service from Cost to Profit

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And if Novell wants to make money out of services it has a lot of competition. Compaq is also making money for itself in this area, a fact not lost on the high-ups at HP when they made a move for the Houston-based company. Compaq's acquisition of Digital and Tandem brought 38, consultants. However, despite Novell's ambitions there is a strain of thinking that CTP is a dog that has had its day.

It was very attractive to customers and offered limited risk. CTP soon became known for its high turnover in management and financial troubles. Even Novell's peers claim it was a case of too little too late. Anil Gadre, general manager of Sun Microsystems' Solaris division - the same Sun the respected Schmidt had on his resume before Novell - said: "Schmidt tried hard to re-invent the company as a directory services company but it was too much to attempt without a large consultancy service.

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During the dot-com heyday Novell's share price did not rise that much [compared to other companies] as services are so highly valued. It couldn't pull it off. Whatever happens with assimilating the CTP team long-term, it should also be pointed out Novell isn't a single product company. It is also no minnow in relation to the rest of the software industry. But the industry is scattered with players who in various ways have gone up against Microsoft NetWare versus Windows NT, in this case and usually suffered to varying degrees. How will Novell turn itself around?

No one knows for sure. And don't ask Eric Schmidt - he shot off in the direction of search company Google in August. My Profile Log Out. Join Discussion. Add Your Comment. Networking KPMG profits fall 98 per cent. Security Fujitsu faces ban from Japanese government. Hardware Microsoft launches latest Media Player. Mobility Orange asks for Swedish 3G rain check. In , the COPC family of standards was developed by buyers, providers and senior managers responsible for operational management.

Bean , Microsoft , Motorola and Novell. It is performance-centric and data-driven, using processes and people as enablers and leadership and planning as drivers. Standards Committee evolved from the initial group of business professionals that formed the first edition of the COPC CSP Standard, and precedes the founding of the company. Standards Committee members are responsible for proposing improvements to the COPC family of standards and promoting implementation of the standards.

The committee meets twice annually. There are four core standards that are maintained and updated by the committee; these include:. Each of these standards can quickly take an organization to high performance and process maturity. Through her experience, training, and personal journey, Alison cultivated a desire and expertise to help other leaders and organizations develop their strategic vision, align their goals and priorities, and lead change by effectively communicating and supporting customers, stakeholders, and employees. Alison specialties are assessing and developing organizations, leading individual and team coaching programs, and delivering leadership development training.

Focus areas most requested by clients include developing and sharing vision and goals; enhancing leadership presence; improving emotional intelligence; increasing influencing skills; managing conflict; setting clear expectations; providing effective feedback; motivating staff; and maximizing employee engagement. Recognizing that clients often have too much to do in high-pressure, high-visibility, complex environments, Alison provides practical coaching and thought leadership.

She collaborates with her clients to design actions that increase self-awareness about their current mindsets and behaviors and encourages them to incorporate new skills. Her support is always customized to the specific goals and circumstances of each client, and includes resources and frameworks to reinforce learning and adopt new habits. Clients consistently report their appreciation for her insightful questions, clear feedback, and helpful best practices that create a new way of seeing, thinking, and leading.

Alison has a B. She is currently studying positive psychology and applied neuroscience to support her client work. He has coached leaders from more than countries to gain skills and grow in character. Jeffrey has a track record of making his and other organizations better: better places to work and more effective in fulfilling the mission.

He has done so through:. Sheryl, a leadership consultant and executive coach, has partnered with leaders for over 25 years to create more effective and forward-thinking organizations. She works at the individual, team and system level providing executive coaching, leadership development, organizational development and strategic and business planning. Prior to beginning her own practice in , Sheryl spent a decade as a Senior Executive, which allows her to understand the challenges of leaders, particularly within large, complex settings.

Sheryl works extensively with leadership teams to develop their capacity to communicate and coordinate action and to create both strategic and operational plans. She also provides Executive Coaching to individual leaders and has worked with hundreds of clients across the public, non-profit and corporate sector, in the US and internationally. She also regularly donates her services to nonprofit boards and leaders.

John Riordan has been committed to challenging people and organizations to reach their full potential for many years—first as a leadership program founder and director in East Africa, and now as an organization and leadership development consultant. John knows what it means to face the challenges of leadership and produce real results under extremely difficult conditions. Beginning in , he invested 8 years in the future of a nation struggling to overcome a tragic history of genocide, racism and anarchy. John and two colleagues developed a vision for a community that would build a new generation of leaders for Uganda.

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What emerged was Cornerstone Leadership Academy—a comprehensive boarding school community for young adults focusing on leadership, character, spiritual and intellectual development. John and his family lived on-site and dealt with the challenges of turning a revolutionary vision into a reality in the midst of racial and tribal tensions, scarce resources, and numerous physical hardships. These same committed colleagues continue to build leaders for Uganda to this day.

Over graduates of the Academy have gone on to take positions of leadership and service in their communities, including two current members of Parliament. John has consulted with a broad range of Federal, private sector and non-profit organizations over the past 15 years. He brings his diverse experiences to bear in working with organizations and individuals, helping them establish strategic and business plans, build strong teams, and fully develop their leadership capacity.

John has 15 years as a Coach with the Excellence in Government Fellows and other Agency-based leadership programs, and has supported hundreds of rising leaders, from across the federal government, in expanding their leadership capacity. He has impacted many more individuals in various short-term leadership and training workshops over the years.

He continues to work with young adults as a volunteer with the Civil Air Patrol Air Force Auxiliary and supports a variety of non-profit organizations with leadership development training and facilitation. Advancing into managerial positions, she joined the Office of the Commissioner in Baltimore as Senior Advisor to the Principal Deputy Commissioner, becoming the first Hispanic in that role.

Service Excellence @ Novell

She is the recipient of a Presidential Rank Award of Meritorious Executive and a Presidential Rank Award of Distinguished Executive, the highest honors a career federal executive may receive. An Excellence in Government Coach since , Feli also works with a variety of Federal, local, and non-profit organizations. Monica brings to all of her work a deep understanding of human and organizational development based on years of working with large-scale organizations, executives, mid-managers, and individuals on leading change, building strong relationships, creating high-functioning teams, enhancing leadership capacities, and working across organizational silos.

She has worked with individuals and organizations to enhance their effectiveness, realize greater efficiency, and develop increased capacities in leading people, leading change, and building relationships. Solly has over 30 years of experience in the leadership and management of federal agencies and programs. Department of Education and the U.

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Department of Homeland Security Fellows program. Prior to his coaching and instructing experience, Solly was a consultant at IBM Corporation where he provided Human Capital consulting, subject matter expertise and thought leadership for the federal sector. He also managed the Senior Executive Service selection, performance management and certification programs. He also served as the acting Center Director. International Trade Commission. From until she served as an education consultant leading assessment and technical assistance teams for education reform projects in Armenia, Central Asia and Russia.

In , she joined the Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs where she was responsible for higher and secondary education partnerships supporting education reform projects in 14 countries throughout the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

In , Marie joined the U. In , Marie joined the SEC Office of Compliance and Inspection as Training Director for the National Exam Program responsible for division-wide technical training on compliance, risk management and securities regulation. Marie is founder of Inspire Concepts, LLC an education consulting firm specializing in promoting organizational effectiveness through customized leadership development, team-building and executive coaching initiatives. Marie provides strategies and solutions to support public and private sector clients facing change management, transition management, culture change, and crisis leadership challenges.

Her work in curriculum design and facilitation includes a suite of leadership workshops and seminars which formed the basis for organization-wide professional development and leadership development programs at three federal agencies and graduate-level curriculum. Chris has over 25 years of experience designing and creating programs and strategies that enable organizations and individuals to improve performance and achieve their goals.

Her cutting edge programs are considered world-class by both industry and Government standards. She is frequently invited to speak internationally on the topics of leadership development, organizational change, executive coaching and the application of advances in neuroscience to improving employee learning and organizational effectiveness. She also obtained a certificate in business management from the Harvard Business School and a Professional Coaching Certification from the Newfield Network.

Executive Coach and Career Strategist, author, speaker and teacher, Michele Woodward has the ability to help executives get clear about who they are and what they want to do, and to develop a workable action plan to get where they want to go. A former White House official and corporate citizen, Michele works with people who want to be more effective in their work, find a new position, or re-enter the workforce. Members from the Partnership staff will work with you throughout the Excellence in Government Fellows program to ensure that your cohort experience goes smoothly.

Exceptional GSs are also encouraged to apply. Your resume should include all professional work experience, including nongovernmental experience. If we have an agreement with your agency to accept you as part of an internal selection process, you will receive word from your agency first, but your acceptance is not confirmed until you have received a notification from us. We do not have a maximum number of participants—we are able to accommodate a large and diverse group for each cohort.

However, please check with your agency prior to reapplying—we do limit the number of accepted participants from a single agency in order to maintain a sufficient diversity of agency perspectives. Your agency is responsible for paying tuition. We do not accept payment from individual applicants. The Tuition Form will provide instructions to request a purchase order that can be paid by your agency through Automated Clearing House transfer or check. We will work directly with the agency POC e.

Customer Service Excellence

Any tuition status update requests should go through your agency POC. Q: What should I do if I have to miss parts of a session or an entire session?

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Do you offer make-up sessions? In the event of a conflict, please notify a Partnership staff members as soon as possible, even before the first session is held. We only offer make-up sessions within the same program year for the first session.

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Participants will be notified of these visits in advance. The assessments will vary depending on your program. Apply now. Apply by September Interested in applying for the Excellence in Government Fellows program?