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Writing from her own experience as a married single mom, Carla Anne Coroy will help wives and mothers sort through their questions, such as: Can I do this alone? How do I raise kids to honor their father? How do I give my children a healthy perspective of marriage if they never see one in action? With practical suggestions, anecdotes, and biblical teaching, this book will encourage moms to see their position as a high calling, to find healing for their worries and frustrations, and to tap into God's strength for help in facing the daily challenge of being a married mom, solo parent.

My first book review Every page has tremendous eternal value for anyone. The descriptions of emotions and how to deal with them are just excellent! Carla Anne Coroy has served full-time with organizations such as Youth for Christ and Crown Financial Ministries, and is currently developing an international mentoring organization for youth and a ministry to wives who parent alone. She runs the Married Single Mom blog at www. Marriage takes hard work. I really think that marriage is the hardest thing you will ever choose to do! Carla Anne is honest! I appreciate that! At first I was uncomfortable reading about her husband's lack of involvement, but she's not husband bashing and she doesn't approve of it in any kind of way.

She's just being honest! I needed for her to be in order for me to relate with her and to be able to take her advice. This book is written with her husband's blessing and he even gets his own chapter at the back. That was really important for me to know while reading. I actually discovered the husband's chapter after reading the first one, and it really helped my outlook in the book.

Carla Anne kept the focus on the wife. She doesn't let you point fingers at your husband or blame him for things going wrong.

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I was forced to really look at my actions. I'll leave you with one of the many things in this book that really touched me. What will that look like? As you stand beside him that day, will you be cheering at his sorrow? Oh, my friend, my dear, dear solo mom, that will not be your song. As you stand before a holy God with your husband at your side, God will ask you what you did to make it possible for your husband to be the incredible dad he was created to be.

What did you do to smooth the road for him, to allow your love to cover a multitude of his sins? Oct 15, Heather rated it really liked it. I signed up for this tour because I have a husband who travels a lot for work, and occasionally is gone for day work assignments. When I read about this book, I had to get my hands on it. One thing that gets stressed repeatedly is that the husband is responsible, and will answer to God, for his own behavior.

We, the wife left behind, will answer to God for our own response to this situation. While the husband might be wrong, we still are to honor, support, and pray for him. Our attitudes should be one of prayerful acceptance. God is in control, and we need to honor Him, however difficult it can be under these circumstances. Overall, the book is great. It goes through the feelings we face as well as logistics on how best to keep on keeping on.

I am grateful that my husband somewhat recently accepted a new position that required less travel. I am grateful for the time I do have him around — and that when he is here, he is engaged with his children. And with household business. I am very blessed, and very grateful for that blessing!

I think, though, my absolute favorite part was toward the end, where she talks about adjusting to having him back. The kids and I get into a good routine, things run smoothly, they respond to my correction, etc. Then he comes home and all bets are off. Kids are crazy, he has to do things his own way, etc. Time for a new routine that includes Daddy. Fortunately, his tendency to be engaged with the children and at home in general makes it a bit easier, I think.

We butt heads a bit, then come to some understanding. Coincidence — or Divine appointment? Oct 19, Kendra Neal rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this book! Carla Anne is a brand new author and she really "hit a home run" with this book. I have never seen a book based on this topic and this book really opened my eyes to what some Moms have to struggle with to keep their family "going". I was really amazed at how many different reasons a dad can be an "absentee husband". I think the most common ones many think about are a husband who travels a lot or one works long hours.

I really like the practical,biblical and wise advic I really enjoyed this book! I really like the practical,biblical and wise advice that Carla Anne gives to the Moms struggling with the fact that their husband is "there but not" or away for long periods of time. I know I get frustrated sometimes when I become a "sports widow", but that is only for a day a couple times a week.

I am blessed that my husband is "active participant" in our family and helps out. I really enjoyed reading the Letters and Stories from "real moms" dealing with being a "Solo Parent" and how Carla Anne answered the letters with sound advice and wisdom.

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The book shows the moms how to rely on God more for the strength they need to make it through the "Solo Parent" times and also gives them pratical advice for dealing with "daily life situations". Some of the hints include making sure the kids are helping when possible, training the children and setting boundaries, and most importantly making sure "Dad" in on board with the rules.

It is important that Dad is in agreement and helps maintain the rules, boundaries and chores when he is home. A "team divided" is not good for the kids to see and will cause issues for the family. The author suggests doing a major declutter and getting the house in order will help maintain things and make things run smoother. The book has many many suggestions and practical advice for dealing with an "absentee husband".

A really great part of the book is where the author talks about honoring the husband even through our own anger and frustration. I highly recommend it for Moms who struggle with an "absentee husband". Feb 13, Kaylea rated it liked it Shelves: see-blog-for-more-info.

What do you do when you are married, but your parenting seems to be more of a "solo" effort? In Married Mom, Solo Parent, Carla Anne Coroy helps "pull back" the curtain to show another side of parenting - parenting solo, while your spouse travels or focuses on his career. Whether it's by choice career building or by force today's economic climate , some moms find themselves parenting not as a married team, but rather as a solo parent. I'll be honest, this book made me think.

A lot. I've talked What do you do when you are married, but your parenting seems to be more of a "solo" effort? I've talked with moms who are in this situation, but I never knew what to say or do. As a children's pastor, I would see moms go thru a cycle of being "uber" busy while dad was gone, to almost being a recluse while he was home. Corory gave me a new perspective on how to minster to moms in this situation - to know what questions to ask, and what things NOT to do.

In the book, Corory gives two very painful illustrations of how her church I can't believe it's still her church did NOT minister to her family - one involving a home repair ministry and another, a church dinner. Both situations left me cringing at the injustice and the well, lack of compassion. At the dinner, she attended alone with her four kids in tow, people avoided sitting with her like the plague - and no one helped as she balanced a baby, plates of food and her other kids.

Not very welcoming and definitely not the way to show the love of Christ to a mom who just needed some encouragement. The only thing worse about attending a church dinner like this, is attending as a single woman I'm glad I picked up this book.

Handling the challenges of being a solo-parenting married mom

I'm recommending it to other children's pastors to read - and making it available to moms in the church who need an extra dose of encouragement. While the overall message of this book is designed for "solo" moms, many of Conroy's lessons can and do provide words of wisdom for anyone, married or single. This, I believe is a much needed resource for moms everywhere. Jan 17, Kevin Sorensen rated it really liked it. What in the world am I doing reviewing a book for women, for moms, for "solo parents"? Well, here's what went through my head when Kregel first contacted me about reviewing this book: We have "solo moms" at Cornerstone, some of whom are the primary spiritual influencers in their children's lives, so-o-o, I figured this book would give me a leg up on understanding them and helping other women to help them.

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Well, I was partly right, partly wrong. This is a very helpful book. I'll say that right up fr What in the world am I doing reviewing a book for women, for moms, for "solo parents"? I'll say that right up front. The experience of the author alone would be worth it. Add to that the testimonies of many others in similar circumstances and any woman who finds herself in this same position and there are many will immediately find those with whom her heart rings.


The final chapter is actually written by the author's husband, Trent. This fascinated me, simply because he's the one who, in part, caused this book to be written. And he admits this, even confesses, if you will. This added an extra note of encouragement. He writes his final words to these suffering women. Yet I think his words would be equally valuable for those men in their lives.

This would be an excellent resource for a women's ministry in the church or for the mom's in your church who find themselves in Carla Anne's shoes. Feb 04, A. Cann rated it it was amazing. Or lawyer, there are so many family dynamics in this area, that this could fall under.

My favorite by far, would be the military mom or dad. It is not every day that you will find a chapter set aside written by the husband, especially in a book on this subject matter. This book was perfect for me, as through the years, I have faced this same challenge, with my husband when he was in the Marine Corps, and then over the years with his present job, he works for the Federal Government.

Committing to a marriage is not just committing to one another for lifetime, but it is also committing to the raising of your children, and sometimes sacrifices have to be made, through those commitments to each other. My opinions are expressly my own, and are in no way influenced positively or negatively, due to receiving this book in exchange for the review.

Feb 01, Jacque Stengel rated it it was amazing. I try not to whine, but sometimes with five kids it gets crazy. I was hoping to get encouragement from this book and I did. If you are struggling to make sense of being alone in a family, I highly suggest you pick up this book. There are small tips like how to pick a friend big tips how to honor your husband. It is filled with Biblical references so you know that you are following God's will in anything that you do.

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I liked that she included her husband's perspective on the years she felt like a single mom, and I believe that many men are probably oblivious like he was. I read this rather quickly to form a review for the publisher, but I am now going to take the time and get in depth and use the personal reflection journal that Carla provides on her website. She has many other resources available as well, including study discussion guides if you want to use this as a book discussion guide.

It is a small book, but it is jam packed with inspirition and how to open a line of communcation, between yourself and God, your spouse, family and friends. Apr 09, Sheila Gregoire rated it it was amazing Shelves: marriage.